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The Right Data For The Right Decisions In Real-Time

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Stella Now's Real-Time Data Analytics Engine is more than a data analytics tool

It transforms insights into tangible in-the-moment outcomes to maximise your data's impact across your business.

How It Works

Stella's real-time engine, “Stella Now” applies three core processes to its data analytics pipeline that allows businesses to seamlessly incorporate real-time data driven insights into its decision making:

Perpetual Uninterrupted
Flow Of Data
Prescribed And/Or Predicted
Behavioural Insights

Data Collection

Collects raw data in any format from any source

Data Evaluation

Machine learning and rules based real-time data evaluation

Data Activation

Real-time triggers activate a particular event, or series of events

Stella Now

Provide Insight; Power Performance; Drive Efficiency

360-Degree Insight Into Customer Traits And Behaviours

Improve Customer Acquisition And Retention

Increase Market Intelligence And Assess Customer Sentiment

Future Proof Your Business Against Changing Behaviours

Improve Data Governance And Compliance

Optimise Business Processes And Increase Operational Efficiency

Enhance Fraud Prevention By Better Identifying Security Threats

Stella features are data agnostic and can empower data derived from any industry vertical and any person, object or activity.

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